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Nonprofit Insurance

insurance for religious 501C3 nonprofit organizations


Currently Thomas K. Alexander Insurance Agency LLC is partnered with the following Nonprofit organizations:

  • Buckeye Central Baptist Association
  • Camp Cotubic
  • Camp Otterbein
  • Camp Wesley
  • Camp Widewater
  • Eastern Union Missionary Baptist Association
  • Friends of Camp Asbury
  • Inter Faith Campus Ministires
  • Kings Kids Day Care
  • Matthew 25:35 Ministiries
  • Metro Columbus Baptist Association
  • Christian Job Corps
  • The Mission in Franklinton
  • Ohio Districts UPCI
  • Ohio Women's Refuge
  • Overflow International
  • Pike Christian Academy
  • Protect the Faith
  • The Provision Group
  • Southern Ohio Emmaus Community
  • Springfield Christian School
  • Stowe Missions of Central Ohio
  • Tribal Nations Ministry
  • Vietnamese UMC
  • The West Ohio Conference of the United Methodist Church


Payroll Service

A payroll mistake - such as an employee misclassification or missing tax deposits - can lead to serious consequences. Fines, litigation and court costs are very real possibilities. We offer a payroll service exclusively for churches and related ministries

Legal Assist

Every day, ministries face legal questions and challenges that can have a lasting effect on the people they serve. with Legal Assist we offer free ministry-focused resources such as:

  • A clear understanding of ministry legal issues
  • A desire to see your ministry's legal issues resolved
  • A personal response to any legal questions

Workers Compensation

  • Workers' compensation coverage provides benefits for employees in relation to work-related injuries or diseases specified by state law, including:

    Medical benefits.

    Disability benefits.

    Rehabilitation benefits.

    Death benefits.

Accident Insurance

  • Ministry doesn’t always go according to plan. When an accident occurs during church, school, or camp activities, these excess Accident Insurance plans will help by providing coverage for medical expenses associated with accidental injuries, with deductibles as low as $0

    Accident Insurance can help with the following medical expenses associated with a covered injury:

    Hospital bills, including room and board

    Emergency room and outpatient treatment

    Medical or surgical treatment by a licensed doctor

    Prescription drugs and medicines

    Care for dental injuries

    Ambulance expenses.

Mission Protection

When your ministry takes you far away from home, whether you're sponsoring a short-term mission trip or responding to a call for help a few miles away, we offer you the tools needed to focus on your mission trip;

  • Foreign commercial property coverage
  • Foreign liability insurance
  • Medical and AD&D coverage
  • Humanitarian airfare
  • Kidnap and ransom coverage
  • Medical, political, and security evacuation
  • Employers responsibility coverage

Employee Health Benefits​

  • Traditional group plans can be expensive and have limited choices. Coordinating your own individual health benefits offers more choice and lower cost, but the options are complicated and difficult to manage. Christian organizations shouldn’t be burdened by the time and expertise required to coordinate their own plans.

Cyber Liability 

  • Today’s technology helps Christian ministries extend their reach when proclaiming the Gospel. Innovation is crucial when it comes to communication, but it brings about its own challenges—especially when it comes to software, social media, online giving, and e-commerce.

    Our cyber liability coverages help protect your ministry against property damage, financial damage, or emotional injury claims resulting from your ministry’s activities related to computer use and electronic data.

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