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Vehicle Insurance

Includes coverage for automobiles, motorcycles, and boats.


Our agency's program is designed to provide coverage for your motorized vehicle while providing you with the best costumer service in the area.

Along with the provided coverage plans, more advantages are offered:

  • Anti-lock brake discount
  • Touring bike discount
  • Motorcycle Safety Foundation certificate-holder discount
  • Premier rates for qualified operators
  • Seasonal rates
  • Discount for the motorcycle when your policy also covers an automobile

Bodily Injury Liability

Coverage that protects you when your motorcycle is involved in an accident resulting in the injury or death of another person.

Property Damage Liability

Protects you when your motorcycle is involved in an accident resulting in damage to another person's property.


Protects your motorcycle for all damages except those caused by collision or upset.

Uninsured Motorists

Protects any person for bodily injury caused by the owner or driver of an uninsured vehicle.


Protects your motorcycle for damage caused by an accidental collision or upset

Medical Benefits

Protects you and relative residing in the same household who is accidentally injured while riding your motorcycle.

Road Trouble Service

Pays you up to the policy limit for expenses incurred if your motorcycle fails to operate.


Along with all the other typical policies, our agency also includes these following coverage plans. We also offer auto insurance for religious organizations.

Rental Gap Coverage

Addresses Situations where the insured may be liable for reduction in value of a damaged rental vehicle; or when a rental company chooses to sell a damaged vehicle at a reduced value.

Personal Property Coverage

Covers items in your automobile that could become damaged, such as clothing, children's car seat, etc.

Non-Owned Trailer Damage

Increases the standard limit for non-owned trailers that are being used with your automobile.

Identity Theft Coverage

Pays up to $15,000 for expenses directly related to identity theft, including attorney fees and loss of earnings.

Re-Key Coverage

If your automobile keys are stolen, we will pay to replace them.

Trip Interruption Coverage

If you are more than 100 miles from home and your car becomes disabled, you are covered for expenses such as hotel stay and food, up to $500. 

Cellular Phone Coverage

Coverage for loss or damage (in a covered auto loss) to items such as cell phones and GPS devices.


With a custom insurance policy designed by our agency, you can feel free to enjoy your time on the water knowing you're covered.

All-Risk Policy

Provides broad protection while your boat is both in and out of water.

Agreed Value Loss Settlement

We will agree to a value of your boat upfront so that, in the event of a total loss, we will compensate you based on the value stated in your policy.

Boat Owners Plus

  • $150 for emergency services
  • $250 for personal property
  • Coverage for the cost of recovery or destruction of sunken boat
  • An additional $500 for boat related equipment such as anchors, oars, batteries, etc.

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